Monitoring and alerting manual

This module expands 5gVision capabilities beyond telecom and IT monitoring tasks. You may configure any DB you like and build nice charts and reports on any data: stock prices, how much oil went through the pipe, how many customers bought your products, or what was the tide pattern at your nearest ocean.


The external DB module will poll tables in one or several DBs configured in the system and will collect information from the designated columns, creating 5gVision internal historical tables for charts and reports.

The Table module for External DB stats may support unlimited number of nested levels, allowing you to create statistical patterns of any depth for any number of object types.

Configuring External DBs

When configuring External DBs you need to describe how to connect to the DBs, which tables and columns to query, and how to transform the objects and parameters in the tables to 5gVision statistical data.

Help on the External DBs module is currently provided on case-by-case basis to the customers that purchased this module. Please contact 5gVision support.