Rate management manual

5gVision Rate management system (RMS) is part of the 5gVision suite of products for monitoring, alerting, packet sniffing, rate management, routing, and billing that share a common web interface: quick, intuitive, and flexible.


The Rate management allows you to import into 5gVision all Vendor rates that are coming to your emails as attachments, or import rate files manually. Imported Vendor rates then can be uploaded to a billing system or exported as a .csv file.

The whole scenario of the Vendor rates import is as follows:
  • Contact 5gVision support to set up the access of 5gVision to the email account, which is used for receiving the rate notifications. We can use your email or set up our own mail box where you can forward all incoming messages with attached rate adjustments.
  • 5gVision will monitor this mail box for the incoming mail. If the System encounters an email with an XLS (XLSX) or CSV attachment, this attachment will be taken for further processing. The System is also able to unzip the attached archives to search for XLS (XLSX) and CSV files in them.
  • 5gVision processes the extracted files trying to determine the type and content of each column in the file automatically.
  • Once original file processing is complete, the results of rate recognition may go through several steps for you to view them in a convenient form and manually adjust them, in case you feel they require some polish. These steps are linked to the following screens:
    • Inbox - here you can see all automatically processed emails or manually loaded rate sheet files.
    • Parsing log - here you can see all parsed rate sheets and alter the way 5gVision matches columns in them.
    • Import edit - here you can edit the results of column matching made in the Parsing log screen.
    • Compare - here you can see what was changed in the file being processed as compared to the already existing rate plan.
    • Final check - here you can make some final edits to those rates only that are about to be changed.
    You may skip some of the steps if you consider them unnecessary.
  • Once all adjustments are made, the resulting rates may be imported into the Main RateVend table and used for profit calculation. You may as well export the resulting parsed rates to CSV files in any format, adding extra columns that you need, etc. These CSV files can then be loaded to your switch or a billing system you use.
It is also possible to start rate file processing manually either by clicking the Import rate file button and choosing a file from your hard drive, or by dragging and dropping the required file from your hard drive onto the browser window. This will let you skip the email part and get straight to file parsing and column recognition.

The Rate management module has all needed facilities to generate, manage and analyse Customer rates daily.