5gVision: Break through your data 5gVision: VoIP/SMS softswitch, billing, monitoring, alerting, traffic sniffer, rate management, routing
VoIP/SMS monitoring suite
Break through your data

A typical screen

5gVision VoIP Monitor Interface 1

Why do you need 5gVision?

5gVision VoIP Monitor Interface 3
5gVision is a visual VoIP/SMS/SNMP monitoring and log collection suite suggesting the following features to a telecom operator:
  • Very quick, multi-parameter CHARTS for any object in a VoIP/SMS switch or an SNMP-monitored device, or for any object combination (Customer - Area - Vendor - Disconnect code, etc.).
  • TABLES with on-the-fly filtering and sorting to monitor current statistics.
  • Quick and easy-to-use hourly, daily and weekly REPORTS.
  • A flexible ALERTING module with notifications delivered to the web, email, or over SMS.
  • A convenient CDR and Disconnect code viewer.
  • SRC/DST numbers stats to identify fraud and unwanted traffic.
  • Traffic log collector / sniffer with Call/SMS flows.
  • Media collector and player.
  • Automatic Route testing dialer.

All's well that's monitored well

5gVision monitors the following objects of a switch, as well as their combinations:
  • Customers and Vendors
  • DST and SRC Areas
  • Customers => Areas or Areas => Vendors
  • Customers => Areas => Vendors
  • Disconnect codes
  • Customers => Areas => Disconnect codes
  • Products or Rate plans
  • Customers => Areas => Products
  • Equipment, Trunks, or IPs
  • Switch nodes
  • SRC/DST numbers
  • SNMP stats
Some switches may have additional objects.
5gVision VoIP Monitor Objects

I monitor, therefore I am

5gVision calculates every parameter possible, and a couple of impossible ones:
  • Current calls
  • Current connected calls
  • Attempts per hour
  • Connected calls per hour
  • Minutes per hour
  • Current capacity
  • ACD
  • PSC
  • ASR
  • ABR
  • NER
  • CPS
  • % of certain disc. codes
  • Number of hunts
  • % of LNP/MNP
  • Media parameters
  • % of transcoding
  • Cost per hour
  • Price per hour
  • Profit per hour
  • Profit per minute
  • Profit per call
  • Current balance
5gVision VoIP Monitor Parameters
Find a parameter we don’t monitor, and we'll add it.

Tastes differ

5gVision VoIP Monitor Menu and screen

You may easily customize 5gVision look and feel:
  • Modular, fully customizable menu and screen design.
  • Menu items and screen modules are drag-and-droppable.
  • From 1 to 16 different modules (blocks) per screen – ideal for large NOC screens.
  • Chose your interface style from a list of predefined ones.
  • Make adjustments to existing styles and design your own styles.
  • Adjustable colors.

What you chart is what you get

  • Add/remove charts with ease through a Legend table.
  • Different types of statistics combined on the same chart.
  • Lines and bars.
  • Zoom and custom intervals.
  • Stack charts.
  • Comparison charts.
  • Auto-reload every minute.
5gVision VoIP Monitor Charts

A silver line above steel bars

5gVision VoIP Monitor Lines and bars 1
5gVision VoIP Monitor Lines and bars 2

5gVision gathers 3 types of statistical information:
  • concurrent (eg: Active calls), polled every minute and shown as lines on charts,
  • per-window (eg: ACD), calculated over a window of recent calls every minute and shown as lines,
  • per-hour (eg: Minutes per hour), shown as bars.
Some parameters can be only concurrent, like Active calls, others make sense only if they are calculated over a period of time, like Call attempts, Minutes, or Profit.

The first example illustrates that even though there is a direct correlation between concurrent calls ( red line ) and per-hour attempts ( green bars ), these parameters can never be compared directly (note left and right axes).

Most quality parameters in 5gVision, however, have both per-window and per-hour representations. The second chart shows ACD as a line and per-hour bars.

A table to save your time

  • Ideal for viewing current stats for a lot of objects at once.
  • Very quick and flexible filtering and sorting.
  • Parent-child relationships (Customers => Areas => Vendors, etc.).
  • Direct links to other modules.
  • Sharing data via public links.
5gVision VoIP Monitor Tables

The report takes it all

5gVision VoIP Monitor Reports

  • Any statistical and financial parameters for periods from 1 hour to 1 month fetched in seconds.
  • Parent-child relationships make it easy to drill down to the required level.
  • Grouping by 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week.
  • Flexible sorting and filtering.
  • Double-clicking any cell will open a chart.

In monitoring we trust

  • Monitor a lot of different objects/parameters as a collection of chart blocks.
  • Change chart options individually or for the whole screen.
  • Re-arrange or re-size chart blocks with a mouse drag.
  • Maximize any chart to see more details.
  • Ideal for large NOC screens.
5gVision VoIP Monitor Thumbnails

Wake me up when September ends

  • An extremely flexible alerting system.
  • Alerts on any object or any parameter.
  • Absolute or differential alerts.
  • Custom intervals and combined alerts.
  • Delivered via Web, Email, SMS or Push notifications.
  • Schedules, email templates, user, and object groups to control alert delivery.
5gVision VoIP Monitor Alerts

Monitoring is believing

Alerts are conveniently shown in charts.
5gVision VoIP Monitor Alerts on charts 1
Concurrent or per-window alerts, lines:
  • the  red area  shows the interval from the tentative alert raise till sending the raise notification, this interval is called the assurance interval,
  • the  green area  shows the interval from the tentative alert clear till sending the clear notification.
5gVision VoIP Monitor Alerts on charts 2
Per-hour alerts, bars:
  • the  red bar  indicates the hour for which the alert was raised,
  • the  green bar  shows the hour in which the alert was cleared.

A midsummer night's dream

Every alert that was raised/cleared can be sent to certain
users’ emails or cell phones via SMS or push notifications.
5gVision VoIP Monitor Email and SMS notifications

All records are equal,

but some records are more equal than others.

CDR viewer:
  • Works with replicated CDRs, or directly with CDRs in your switch/billing DB.
  • Very quick requests.
  • On the fly filtering and sorting.
  • Convenient interval picker.
  • Adjustable field order.
  • Export to excel/csv.
  • Row highlight.
  • Disconnect code report.
  • Direct links to charts/reports for objects.
  • Sharing data via public links.
5gVision VoIP Monitor CDRs

Signaling logs tell no lies

5gVision VoIP Monitor Signaling logs

Signaling logs:
  • Sniffing VoIP/SMS signaling packets in real time.
  • SIP, H.323 and SMPP support.
  • Automatic call/SMS leg matching.
  • Export to PCAP.
  • Import from PCAP.
  • View of individual packets and whole Call/SMS flows.
  • Listening to media right in Call flows.
  • Sharing traffic logs via public links.

A call flow is better than none

Call/SMS flows:
  • Graphical representation of a call/SMS packet exchange.
  • View of individual packets, packets of one leg or of all legs of a call/SMS.
  • Media stats and playback right in Call flow.
  • Hiding unnecessary legs from Call/SMS flow.
  • Sharing Call/SMS flows via public links and export to PCAP.
5gVision VoIP Monitor Call flow

A recorded call

is worth a thousand words.
Media logs:
  • Sniffing and recording call media passing through your switch.
  • Several modes available:
    • full media collection.
    • partial media collection with filtering by media IPs.
    • random and on-demand recording of calls selected by signaling IPs / numbers mask.
  • Media playback directly in a browser.
  • Downloading audio files.
5gVision VoIP Monitor Media logs

Try it before you buy it

5gVision VoIP Monitor Dialer

Route testing dialer:
  • Automatic dialer to test your vendors routes.
  • Initiate route tests right from the Table, Report, or Alert modules.
  • FAS detection for routes tested.
  • CDRs with full information on tested routes.
  • Signaling Call flows for each tested call.
  • Recording of media stream with early media.
  • Task scheduler to run test requests automatically.
  • Sending tickets to vendors.

Monitor far and beyond

SNMP poller:
  • Monitor any device, supporting SNMP, and any OID.
  • Flexible configuration with device and oid groups.
  • Final parameters can be calculated from OID values via formulas.
  • Users can add custom chart/table/report columns for new OIDs/parameters.
  • SNMP stats can be viewed in combination with switch VoIP stats.
5gVision VoIP Monitor SNMP
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