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SMS switching and billing suite
Break through your data

SMS switching and billing suite components

5gVision SMS switch Scheme
  • SMS switch - a stable and robust platform fully developed by 5g Future, no opensource code used.
  • Dynamic or static routing - a separate routing engine working with the SMS switch. All routing/rate info is loaded into memory and is updated every 10 seconds, resulting in very high productivity of 500 requests/sec per a CPU core.
  • Rate management system - a flexible solution, allowing to automatically upload vendor rates, generate customer rates, and send amendments.
  • Billing and invoicing - a high precision billing solution with invoices automatically sent to partners in your format.
  • Monitoring and alerting - a quick and easy visual monitoring tool with lots of alerting and anti-fraud options.
  • SMPP logger - a tool allowing to visually see all packets used in sending any SMS, including hunts, re-sending attempts, and segments of one large SMS.

SMS switch

  • Fully developed and controlled by 5g Future. New features can be added on request quickly and efficiently.
  • High productivity and stability with support for fully redundant configurations.
  • Messages can be received over: SMPP, HTTP, and sent over: SMPP, HTTP, email. SSL is supported.
  • Message queuing at peak times, flexible hunting depending on release codes, and message re-sending attempts with pre-configured time patterns.
  • Limiting incoming and outgoing trunks by TPS and by number of messages per day.
  • Message content screening and routing based on content.
  • Changing message encoding and modifying its body using regexp patterns.
  • DLR suppression and generation.
  • Sending test SMS right from the web interface.
5gVision SMS switch

Dynamic or static routing

  • A flexible and robust routing engine with dynamic routing on both cost and quality.
  • Low balance restrictions for customers and vendors.
  • Routing is done in memory to deliver performance of up to 500 CPS per a CPU core. Routing info and rates are updated within 10 seconds.
  • Multiple routing engines may coexist on the same server, or may be distributed over several servers, allowing for practically unlimited scalability.
  • Full range of routing features supported: static routing, formulas on cost/quality, profitability control, temporary gateway blocks, %-based routing, etc.
  • Parent-child relationships in routing plans.
  • Number translations at all levels using regexps.
  • Routing by numbers and by MCCMNC, support for MNP.
  • Convenient SMS path simulation and monitoring features.
5gVision SMS Dynamic and static routing

Rate management system, Vendor rate import

  • Auto-import of vendor rates from emails, as well as manually.
  • Auto-recognition of rate sheet columns. Possibility to save templates for patterns of: vendor email address, subject, body; attached file names; excel sheet names.
  • Support for codes and area names split between two columns (MCC + MNC).
  • Support for compact code formats, for instance: 412-427,429.
  • Support for full A-Z or partial country replaces.
  • Automatic corrective actions can be assigned to every column in a rate sheet of each vendor.
  • Duplicate codes can be automatically removed, or can generate a warning.
  • Auto-comparison to previously loaded rates, reports on all new rates loaded in the last X days.
  • Sending notifications to vendor on various events (errors, accepting rates, loading to main rate table, etc.)
5gVision SMS RMS Vendor rate import

Rate management system, Customer rate generation

5gVision SMS RMS Customer rate generation
  • Possibility to generate rates automatically based on LCR reports on vendor rates.
  • Several managers can work with the same Change deck to introduce changes, and then the deck can be verified, compared to existing rates, and applied with rate amendments automatically sent to customers.
  • Support for full A-Z or partial country replaces.
  • Various options for the amendments format - files, attached to emails or selected areas right in the email body.
  • Emails to customers can contain links to accept rates receipt.
  • Fully customizable email and amendment file templates.
  • Full undo to unlimited depth for customer and vendor rates.

Rate management system, Rate analysis

  • Quick filtering and sorting of all your rate tables. Color indication of a rate state: expired, active, future, void.
  • Comparison of rates over a certain interval to show only the rates that changed within this interval.
  • LCR tables with unlimited depth for all or part of your vendor rates.
  • Customer rate generation based on vendor rates and statistics.
  • Rate alerts in case a vendor rate increase requires rate increase for certain customers.
  • Push and target rates analysis.
5gVision SMS RMS Rate analysis

Billing and invoicing

  • The SMS switch is writing MDRs with full customer/vendor rate information, received from the routing.
  • In case MDRs need to be re-rated due to retroactive rate changes, a separate re-rating process processes MDRs, changing the rates and the statistical data.
  • Each customer or vendor may have several Rate plans assigned, if needed. Several customers may also work under the same Rate plan.
  • Customer and vendor balances are calculated on the fly and may be used in routing.
5gVision SMS Billing and invoicing1
5gVision SMS Billing and invoicing2
  • Generating invoices in different currencies.
  • Invoices can be generated and sent to partners automatically or manually.
  • Fully customizable invoice format. Any taxes and their calculations can be accommodated.

Monitoring and alerting

    5gVision Monitoring solution is extremely quick in delivering data over very long intervals and consists of the following main modules:
  • Charts to instantly view real-time, auto-refreshed information.
  • Reports for per-hour parameters over a long period of time.
  • MDR viewer to quickly access raw MDRs and open charts, logs, and raw packets from them.
  • Alerts to get notifications on anything that happens in your SMS switch.
Please refer to a separate presentation on the 5gVision monitoring suite.
5gVision SMS Monitoring and alerting

SMPP logger

  • Collection of all SMPP packets from the SMS switch, the storage period depends only on the HDD capacity.
  • Opening a log or an SMPP flow right from the MDRs with all hunts, re-sending attempts, or segments of a long SMS shown.
  • Display of raw collected packets in a table with possibility to filter packets by SRC/DST IPs, numbers, message IDs, etc.
  • Display of contents of individual packets and message body text. Convenient packet comparison tools.
  • Display of an SMPP packet flow as an easy-to-understand chart.
  • Sharing SMPP flows with your partners via a powerful 5gVision data sharing mechanism.
  • Exporting logs as .pcap files.
5gVision SMS SMPP logger
Please refer to a separate presentation on the 5gVision VoIP/SMPP packet sniffer.
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