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CDR comparison

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Unicom Broadband, Brazil

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Preparing your CDR files

Your partners can send you their CDRs in lots of different ways and formats. 5gVision will assure that what you get is what you compare, no need for manual processing.

  • Possibility to upload and compare zipped files, as well as choose several files for comparison at once.
  • CDR column order can be saved for every partner, no need to match columns each time.
  • Time difference between your and your partner's CDRs is calculated and adjusted automatically.
  • Various duration, date, and rate formats are recognized.

Comparison process

In-depth comparison of several CDR fields will assure that you would see where and why exactly the two CDR sets do not match.

  • Multiple fields to compare: duration, src/dst numbers, dates, rates, costs, call IDs.
  • Flexible tolerance settings: sometimes a one-second difference in duration may mean a perfectly matched call, sometimes not.
  • Duplicate CDR detection.
  • CDR samples for each category of non-matching CDRs.

Mismatch types

Every time an exact matching pair is not found for a CDR, it will be placed under one of the following categories:

  • Mismatch by cost, duration, or connect/disconnect time.
  • CDRs that are connected in one file but not connected in the other one.
  • CDRs that are earlier or later than the mutual CDR interval
  • Duplicate calls.
  • CDRs that are matched only by src/dst numbers.

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