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"...5gVision powerful and flexible rate management system makes working with rates convenient and effective..."

Alex Berkovsky,
SmartComTech USA, USA

"...My advice: dont waste time to build and maintain your own monitoring tools, use 5gVision to instantly upgrade your network with real-time monitoring!"

Calin Constantin,
A1 Telecom, Romania

"5gVision is a really useful tool enabling us to evaluate our traffic promptly..."

5gVision suggests three great ways to get familiar with its products:

A read-only demo that is, essentially, part of this web site. There are multiple links to this demo from the site pages, and you may try it right away.

Live demo

A fully functional demo where you may save your changes. You would need a login and password to work with this demo, please request them below.

A full-blown 30-day free trial on your real data. We will collect your CDRs from files, your switch or billing DB, or via an API, process them, and show you real-time stats much like the ones you see in a demo.

Depending on your switch brand, we might need up to a week to do the integration with your CDR format. If we already support your switch, you may get a trial up and running withing 1-2 days. The switch brands currently supported are:

  • 46 Labs (former Switchray, Aloe, Mera),
  • Sansay,
  • Genband,
  • Sonus,
  • Teles,
  • Digitalk,
  • Acme packet,
  • NACT,
  • VOS3000,
  • MOR,
  • Freeswitch

5gVision, however, may work with absolutely any switch in the world, all it needs are CDRs in any form.

We may run the trial on your own server (4-8 cores, 8G+ of RAM, 300G SATA HDD), or off our cloud. Once the trial is over you would have an option to buy or rent the product.

Please tell us a bit about yourself, the product you are interested in, and your VoIP switch brand:

5gVision introductory video