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SMS softswitch

"5gVision is simply the best software for VoIP monitoring and reporting on the market: simple, fast, amazing."

Crystian Luis Kammler,
Brasilfone (BFT), Brasil

"5gVision commitment and ability to consistently deliver amazing analytic solutions continues to impress me. I appreciate their willingness to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction..."

Fadi A. Sleiman,
Vonex, Brasil

"We have been using 5gVision for over 6 months now and the monitoring intelligence it provides for your NOC and commercial teams is not comparable to any other tools..."

SMS softswitch

A stable, robust, and flexible SMPP softswitch with routing on both cost and quality.

VoIP / SMS Routing

A flexible and robust engine with dynamic routing on both cost and quality.

  • Routing is done in memory to deliver performance of up to 1000 CPS per a CPU core. Routing info and rates are updated within 10 seconds.
  • All the major routing features supported: formulas on cost/quality, profitability control, temporary gateway blocks, %-based routing, number translations, etc.
  • White/black lists, CPS/TPS limits, LNP and inter/intrastate routing.
  • Quick web interface with group edit possibilities.
  • Convenient call simulation and monitoring features.

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