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Rate management

"5gVision commitment and ability to consistently deliver amazing analytic solutions continues to impress me. I appreciate their willingness to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction..."

Fadi A. Sleiman,
Vonex, Brasil

"...5gVision has helped us to have a better overview of the business and consequently our business has improved faster than we expected."

Shaho Sadeghi,
Sanet Telecom, Sweden

"...We are happy with their simple and intuitive user interface, great technical support and willingness to satisfy our needs..."

VoIP / SMS Rate management

Feature-rich and intuitive solution to manage both customer and vendor rates.

VoIP / SMS Rate management

Save time and effort with one of the most flexible rate import and generation systems.

  • Automatic vendor rates normalization and upload to your billing.
  • Flexible rate sheet modification patterns to deal with non-standard situations.
  • New to old rate comparisons, LCR reports, rate change alerts, and other analysis tools.
  • Customer rate generation and rate amendments.
  • Automatic rate uploads to an external billing.

Vendor rate import

Rates from vendors come in scores of different formats. 5gVision will automatically import all rate sheets attached to emails.

  • Auto-recognition of rate sheet columns.
  • Support for codes and area names split between two columns (country code + break code).
  • Support for compact code formats, for instance: 4412-4427,4429.
  • Convenient ways to check which rows from an original files were treated as a rate table.

Auto-correction of import errors

Rate files often contain inconsistencies, by design, or by mistake. 5gVision will fix them all.

  • Automatic actions can be assigned to every column in a rate sheet. If a certain value appears in a column, it can be changed to another value, or some other columns may be updated.
  • Duplicate codes can be automatically removed, or can generate a warning.
  • Warnings if codes belong to improper areas.

Customer rate generation and rate amendments

Generating new customer rates, as well as changing areas and codes in a convenient manner may mean significant time changes while managing your VoIP business.

  • All possible changes to multiple rate plans can be done at once and all rate amendments will be dispatched automatically.
  • Groups of frequently changed areas and rate plans to quickly choose them for a new round of changes.
  • Rate amendments based on your own .xlsx templates.
  • Information on rate and code changes in the rate amendments.

Advanced rate analysis

Having all your rates in place is only part of a story. Quickly analyzing them for any recent changes may assure your profitability and open new opportunities.

  • Quick filtering and sorting of all your rate tables. Color indication of a rate state: expired, active, future.
  • View rates per individual codes, as well as grouped by area names.
  • LCR tables with unlimited depth for all or part of your vendor rates.
  • Compare rates over a certain interval, show only rates that changed during this interval, and raise alerts if customer rates need to be adjusted.

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