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Monitoring and alerting

"...buying 5gVision was one of the most fortunate decisions we made... We have been recommending 5gVision to all our friends..."

Douglas Pechtoll Prado,
Unicom Broadband, Brazil

"...5gVision has become more and more essential to our business, and I am really glad to be part of that, also helping and providing our inputs and new demands, and receiving an extraordinary service and support in return..."

Billy Souto Maior,
US Matrix, Brasil

"...5gVision has helped us to have a better overview of the business and consequently our business has improved faster than we expected."

Current statistics

Everything that is happening in a switch is conveniently brought to just one table: all switch objects, all parameters. But you may always filter out just what you need.

  • Customers, Vendors, Areas and Disconnect codes can be "dug into" to view the next level in combinations like Customers -> Areas -> Vendors.
  • Other objects shown: Equipment, Equipment groups, Trunks, Switch nodes.
  • Statistical cells are highlighted to better notice values that are too low or high.

Quick reports

5gVision reports are among the quickest you ever saw. Getting daily traffic figures for the whole month for all Customers or Areas takes less than 5 seconds and does not depend on your traffic volumes.

  • Hierarchical structure - you may dig to the next level in object combinations like Customers -> Areas -> Disconnect codes.
  • Any report period and grouping by hour, day, week, or total period.
  • Jump from a report to charts or to CDRs to see the exact records that were used to calculate it.

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