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MMD Smart, Israel

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SMS / SMPP softswitch components

5g Future SMS suite consists of the following products:

  • SMS switch - a stable and robust platform fully developed by 5g Future, no opensource code used.
  • Dynamic or static routing - a separate routing engine working with the SMS switch.
  • Rate management - a flexible solution to automatically upload vendor rates and generate customer rates.
  • Billing and invoicing - a high precision billing solution with invoices automatically sent to partners in your format.
  • Monitoring and alerting - a lightning-quick visual monitoring solution.
  • SMPP logger - a comprehensive traffic debugging tool.

SMS firewall

The switch allows for various screening methods, as well as fraud and intrusion detection:

  • Message content screening and routing based on content.
  • Possibility to reject "bad" messages or flag them and monitor the % of flagged messages.
  • Message content modification by your regexp patterns.
  • TPS and message per day limits on customer or vendor trunks.
  • White and black lists of numbers.
  • Monitoring suspicious traffic patterns and getting alerts on them.
  • Customer or vendor IP whitelists collected independently by an SMPP logger.

Message handling

5g Future SMS softswitch offers a broad range of message handling scenarious.

  • Message queuing at peak times, flexible hunting depending on release codes.
  • Message re-sends are attempted automatically with pre-configured time patterns.
  • Changing message encoding and contents.
  • DLR suppression and generation.
  • Sending test messages right from the web interface.

All monitoring, switching, and billing products

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