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Benefits for a CEO

"...we are very happy with 5gVision, for both Voice and SMS products... The customer service is great, the support team is excellent"

Cristian Chesaru,
Zaheen Telecom, Romania

"The platform is very robust and its capabilities are endless. And these guys are always there to suggest the best way to realize our ideas..."

Luciano Di Stefano,
ADC Telecom, Italy

"We are very lucky & proud to have 5gVision. SMS was too complex for us, 5gVision makes it simple. In one word, 5gVision means 'success in your business'..."

Business KPI

5gVision can monitor and alert you on all the most important parameters: active calls, attempts, minutes, CPS, ACD, ASR, PDD, cost, price, profit, and much more.

  • With super-quick charts and reports you can get any information you need for any period in the past at no time at all.
  • Charts are extremely valuable at quickly evaluating and understanding the situation over a long run. Any information that exists in your switch can be viewed on a chart.
  • Easily drill into deeper levels, for instance: after viewing statistics per areas, see area->vendor stats in one click.
  • Quickly share your concerns with your team and your partners via built-in internal and public sharing mechanisms.

Fraud detection

It is easier than ever to spot unwanted traffic patterns with 5gVision: you may compare any 2 intervals in the past for any parameters and switch objects. For instance:

  • Each vendor minutes at the end of today to minutes of the same day a week ago.
  • Each customer->area attempts during the last 2 hours with the 2 hour-span 48 hours ago.
  • Get alerted if traffic to unwanted areas increased more than 150% compared to the same hour yesterday.
  • Get alerted if customer's profit this week dropped over 20% compared to the last week.

Intrusion detection

5gVision can collect all your signaling packets, extract IN and OUT IP addresses, and compare them to the predefined whitelist. This will allow you to:

  • Receive alerts if traffic started from/initiated to an IP that is not in the whitelist.
  • Receive alerts if a fraudulent switch was installed on your main switch server by the attackers.
  • Make sure that any authorized additions to your switch authentication configs made by your own team are detected right away.

Rate management

Save time and effort with one of the most flexible rate import and generation systems.

  • Automatic vendor rates normalization and upload to your billing.
  • Flexible rate modification patterns to deal with non-standard situations.
  • New to old rate comparisons and LCR reports.
  • Customer rate generation and rate amendments.

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