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We have been using 5gVision complete switching, routing, billing, rate management and monitoring solution for several years and I can say that we are extraordinarily satisfied with the whole solution and the support team behind it. In our career, we have worked with many telecom solutions and we can say that no one ever provided us with such great raw power, functionality, flexibility, stability and superb support level. View more...

Learning how to use all such features requires some time and dedication but friendly support team is always there to help in every step. Overall 5gVision provides great value for money and everything that a telecom needs to survive in today's highly competitive world. I highly recommend the whole 5gVision product suite and the professional and friendly team behind it.

Kristiano Radic,
Fenice Telekom Grupa, Croatia

We have been familiar with the statistical part of 5g Future products for a long time, a very convenient and informative instrument. Later on we started with the full VoIP suite: switch, routing, billing. We are deeply impressed with the way everything is designed and every small detail is thought of. View more...

The web interface and the product configuration are convenient and easy to learn. The backend is rock solid. We are specifically grateful to 5g Future support engineers, who are always quick and professional in 24/7 mode.

Max Komarov,
Asterope Telecom, UK

I am in the telecom industry for almost 20 years, and I should say that very few companies can show such honesty, dedication to development, and 1000% customer satisfaction. We are very lucky & proud to have 5gVision. SMS was too complex for us, 5gVision makes it simple. In one word, 5gVision means "success in your business".

Mohi Uddin Majumder,
Mov International Telecom, Singapore

5gVision is a robust SMS platform designed to prioritize customer satisfaction. Equipped with an intuitive user interface and exceptional live support, it enables us to maintain real-time monitoring of our customers, vendors, destinations, and connection codes. View more...

The team behind 5gVision consistently improves their product and is always available to provide attentive support. With its customer-centric focus, efficient user interface, and brilliant live support, 5gVision offers a comprehensive and versatile solution for managing telecommunications services.

Fatih Turan,
Qoolize, Türkiye

We knew 5gVision from some of our voice customers. We needed a partners to start our messaging division, that could provide a quick time to market and a friendly but precise support and development. Our expectations were met. The platform is very robust and its capabilities are endless. And these guys are always there to suggest the best way to realize our ideas.

Luciano Di Stefano,
ADC Telecom, Italy

We are thrilled to commend 5g Future and their exceptional VoIP switching, billing, and monitoring system, 5gVision. The real-time visibility it provides into our network activities has proven invaluable, particularly with features like instant SIP signaling captures. Over the years, 5gVision has evolved into an indispensable tool, optimizing our routes, increasing productivity, and fortifying our customer base. View more...

The comprehensive statistics, reliable alerts, and outstanding support from the 5gVision team make it an all-encompassing solution, saving us time and significantly contributing to our success. We wholeheartedly recommend 5gVision to our industry peers for its commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.

Our nearly three-year collaboration with 5g Future has showcased their dedication to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. 5gVision's impact on our business is substantial, providing the necessary statistics and insights to understand our trends and weaknesses. With a user-friendly interface and unparalleled support, 5gVision has become an integral part of our operations. In a market saturated with options, 5g Future stands out as a reliable partner, contributing significantly to our efficiency and success.

Burak Enseren,
Call Center Studio, USA

At ZAHEEN, we are very happy with 5gVision, for both Voice and SMS products. It is a secure and robust system that offers us the speed and agility we need. The customer service is great, the support team is excellent, and the conversation is always open for customizations. Personally, I have over a decade of great user and product experience using 5gVision.

Cristian Chesaru,
Zaheen Telecom, Romania

Our experience using 5gVision SMS platform has been exceptional. The support team is responsive, knowledgeable, and truly dedicated to ensuring a seamless user experience. We highly value our partnership with 5gVision and appreciate their continuous efforts to deliver top-notch service.

Melih Gülbay,
Macropyre, USA

We have been using 5gVision services since inception of our SMS business. We are very pleased with the solution they provide and with their impeccable customer support we have received throughout the years. Their pricing is very reasonable. 5gVision has played very important role in success of our Voice and SMS business.

Clarence Christie,
Innovative Telecom, USA

I wanted to take a moment to share our experience with 5gVision SMS and VoIP billing/switching solution, which we have been using for the past four years. In a nutshell, our partnership has been nothing short of exceptional. View more...

One of the standout features of 5gVision product is its unparalleled stability. Over the course of four years, we have experienced minimal downtime, ensuring uninterrupted service for our wholesale telecom business. This reliability has been a cornerstone of our operational efficiency and client satisfaction.

The product's feature set is truly impressive. It covers all the essential needs for running a wholesale telecom business, and then some. From robust billing functionalities to the seamless integration of SMS and VOIP services, 5gVision has exceeded our expectations.

The user interface is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for our team to navigate and utilize the product efficiently. This has been particularly beneficial in reducing training time for new staff members and streamlining our daily operations.

I would also like to commend your customer support team for their responsiveness and expertise. Whenever we encountered challenges or had inquiries, the support team was quick to address our concerns, providing valuable solutions and insights.

In conclusion, we are delighted with the performance of 5gVision SMS and VOIP platforms. Your product has played a pivotal role in the success of our business, and we look forward to continuing this fruitful partnership.

Armen Hovhannisyan,
Fortis Communications, Canada

Transitioning to 5gVision has revolutionized our communication. Driven by the desire for efficiency and cutting-edge technology, the switch exceeded our expectations. Their support made migration seamless, minimizing disruption. The intuitive interface enabled quick adaptation, while customization options tailored our strategy effectively. View more...

This move has not only enhanced our communication but also given us a competitive edge. We appreciate 5gVision's service and innovation and look forward to our continued partnership. Thank you for revolutionizing our communication!

Khurram Mushtaq,
Quantum Global Communications, USA

5gVision is simply the best software for VoIP monitoring and reporting on the market: simple, fast, amazing.

Crystian Luis Kammler,
Brasilfone (BFT), Brasil

5gVision VoIP monitor delivers us a really high-quality product with a rich feature set and in a very customer-oriented way. We are happy with their simple and intuitive user interface, great technical support and willingness to satisfy our needs. Well done 5g!

Daria Gerasimova,
MMD Smart, Israel

It has been quite a few years since we decided to have 5gVision as part of our network. When we started, it was the beginning of the service, and at that time it was already really impressive, as it had all the cool reports, graphs and information that we could never pull from our MVTS II so fast like 5gVision could do. View more...

Since then, 5gVision has become more and more essential to our business, and I am really glad to be part of that, also helping and providing our inputs and new demands, and receiving an extraordinary service and support in return. As a happy customer, we are delighted to recommend 5gVision to all of our partners, and together we can all grow and improve our services. 5gVision really rocks!

Billy Souto Maior,
US Matrix, Brasil

5gVision commitment and ability to consistently deliver amazing analytic solutions continues to impress me. I appreciate their willingness to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. Their knowledge, technical expertise and track record of building complex business analysis systems, enables them to add value to every telecom platform/switch. View more...

With 5gVision, Vonex was able to optimize its routes, increase productivity, and strengthen its customer base. 5gVision helped us gain more money, decrease our churn and increase the efficiency of our NOC and support.

Fadi A. Sleiman,
Vonex, Brasil

5gVision monitoring system allows us to always be in control of what is happening with our customers, vendors, destinations, or disconnect codes. 5gVision has all you need in one place: a very flexible interface, tons of stats, reliable alerts delivered over email/sms/push, CDR viewer, signaling packet call flows. View more...

You may also easily share any data with your partners. A powerful and flexible rate management system makes working with rates convenient and effective.

We'd also like to mention an exceptional support we are getting from the 5gVision team, they are always ready to help, listen to our needs and are constantly improving their product.